How to specify your ink colour

We’ve got metallic inks, glow colours (neon) and can use extender to thin the ink out for a slightly transparent look. We can pretty much mix whatever you want and like to experiment.

We’ve got three different types of inks – all made by Colormaker and all eco-friendly. Permaprint inks are for paper printing. Permatone Aqua is for printing onto white or light coloured fabrics and Supercover is for printing onto dark or coloured fabrics. Two coats of Supercover ink is completely opaque but feels slightly stiff to the touch (not rubbery like plastisol inks though). One coat of Supercover ink is almost completely opaque but feels softer to the touch. Permatone Aqua inks are so soft that, after a wash, you can barely feel them at all.

So how are you going to tell us what colour you’d like? A lot of our customers specify a Pantone Matching System reference, which is great for us and we can match the colour very closely. The downside is that you have the reference book to look up your colour in, in the first place. Other people send their artwork over and ask us to match it to the computer screen. There are differences between computer screens and so the colour might look different to us (on our screen) compared to how it looks to you (on yours). However, it’s pretty accurate. Some people sneak into their local DIY store and find a paint swatch that they like and post it through. This works too!

What colour will you choose?