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Pete and Hannah founded I Dress Myself in 2006 in Nottingham. They see screen printing as a craft and love the process and the way that the ink lies on the surface of the paper. In an increasingly digital world, it feels good to be doing something in a different way. We had been searching for a way to produce T-shirts and art prints in an eco-friendly way and came across the Permaset range of water based inks during our first year. What a breath of fresh air….literally!

Pete and Hannah are the directors of I Dress Myself. Emma and Pete do the majority of the printing along with Debbie who shares the prep work of mixing inks, preparing screens, and making sure everything is ready when it’s needed. Pete carries out most of the artwork prep and designs some of our products. He offers technical support to screen printers around the world to make the transition to using water based inks. Sophie answers emails, puts quotes together and wrestles with the printing timetable. We’re lucky to have lots of really great clients and, mostly, working at the studio is fun.

We relocated to Frome (Somerset) in 2011 and become a limited company in 2013. Our company number is 08468020 and our VAT registration number is 931 9123 34.

I Dress Myself