10 reasons Screen Printing is great!

July 19, 2016

hello, Here are my top 10 reasons why I think Screen Printing is the Best: 1) Every print we do is Hand pulled, So every print is different and unique. 2) Screen Prints (especially on paper) have a quality like no other printing process. The Ink sits crisply on the surface which gives it a lovely … Continue reading 10 reasons Screen Printing is great!


So…Why Screen Printing?

July 17, 2016

Hi, my name is Nat, i’ve been screen printing for nearly 9 years now, 3 of which have been here at I Dress Myself LTD. A few weeks ago, Hannah asked me what makes me so passionate about Screen Printing, and after chatting it over we decided I should write it down for our blog, … Continue reading So…Why Screen Printing?

vegan tshirt printing

Vegan T-shirt printing

May 11, 2016

We get asked a lot about whether our inks are vegan but it’s important to look a bit further to uncover the truth. Our inks ARE vegan, btw. Permaset inks have no animal-derived ingredients and aren’t tested on animals. More importantly though, they’re eco-friendly. They don’t contain harmful ingredients like plastisol inks and discharge inks. … Continue reading Vegan T-shirt printing

using pantone matching system to mix ink colour

How to specify your ink colour

April 15, 2016

We’ve got metallic inks, glow colours (neon) and can use extender to thin the ink out for a slightly transparent look. We can pretty much mix whatever you want and like to experiment. We’ve got three different types of inks – all made by Colormaker and all eco-friendly. Permaprint inks are for paper printing. Permatone … Continue reading How to specify your ink colour

matt mitchell screen print

Super seascape screen print

February 11, 2016

Matt Mitchell designed these one-colour screen print beauties and we printed them at IDM HQ this week.  Sometimes that black and white combo can really capture the drama.  They were screen printed by hand onto natural white recycled paper Woodland Wove at 280gsm using eco-friendly water based Permaprint inks.

Tomi Lehdesmaki T-shirts

Glow inks and pastels

February 10, 2016

Tomi Lahdesmaki’s T-shirt design has a mix of fluorescent glow inks and muted pastel colours.  We mixed Supercover glow red and glow orange to get the colour right and it really pops.  Mixing the inks together reminded us of those Fruit Salad sweets.  LOVE these T-shirts.  Really fresh and fun.  You can see more of … Continue reading Glow inks and pastels

oh wonder screen print

Clever use of colour

November 12, 2015

This print for @ohwondermusic by @iseesea uses only 3 colours with a combination of solid colour and half tones to create depth.  Love it!


Snowflakes this year?

November 10, 2015

Will we see any snowflakes for Christmas this year? No matter – get your own! With festive metallic inks – all water based inks on organic cotton sweaters.


No more slaves

November 1, 2015

These bold T-shirts were printed for Hope for Justice and their amazing campaign ‘No More Slaves.’  Hope for Justice exists to end human trafficking and slavery.  Read about the amazing work that they do.

positive outlook

Don’t Mistake Kindness for Weakness

October 20, 2015

Love the results of the Positive Outlook collaboration with Mister Robinson’s.  More great +O designs.


Victory Chimp at Artcrank

September 30, 2015

White and off-black on mandarin Colorplan looks fantastic.  Great choice of colours by Victory Chimp for their Artcrank print this year.  Victory Chimp always have really striking designs – simple but very effective.


Halftone methlab vests

September 10, 2015

These tencel blend vests were screen printed with one coat of Supercover ink.  The halftone design by Partimi was printed for Methlab, who are based in the Czech Republic.

Al Heighton screen print 7 colours

Seven Colour Winters Day

August 24, 2015

We are massive fans of Al Heighton‘s work and this seven colour print is a beauty.  It takes a lot of time and patience to line up and print each colour by hand.  This print, One Winters Day, was definitely worth it.  Al always chooses cotton paper Somerset Tub-sized Satin, which is created for screen … Continue reading Seven Colour Winters Day

colourblend print on t-shirt boxes, designed by Alizarin

Colourful custom packaging

August 12, 2015

A colourblend is such a great way of adding colour and tone to a print, without needing extra screens.  This print worked well on our white and our brown T-shirt boxes and was designed by Alizarin.


Oh Wonder!

July 29, 2015

This design uses layered half tones to create the colourblends and we love the effect.  They were designed by Christopher J Porter for Oh Wonder.


Jenny Holzer Truisms

July 10, 2015

So stoked to be printing these T-shirts for Jenny Holzer’s new exhibition at Hauser and Wirth, entitled Truisisms. When I met Pete, many moons ago, he had a Jenny Holzer postcard on her wall, so it’s super exciting for us to be printing her iconic T-shirts and postcards now.


Lima Eagle

April 23, 2015

Eco Boutique designed this amazing firebird print for Peruvian Restaurant Lima.  Two coats of light blue Supercover on navy EarthPositive T-shirts looks superb.


Fabric printing

March 1, 2015

We sometimes print fabric panels for customers, who make the fabric up into cushions and all sorts of goodies. We can print up to 45 x 57cm but can’t print by the metre.


Dust into gold

December 11, 2014

Radim Malinic of Brand Nu has designed this print with two layers of ink.  The second white print only partially covers the gold writing underneath so that the message reveals itself in a subtle way.  Gold and white Permaprint on grey Colorplan.

monochrome geometric screenprint molamolarecords

Monochrome simple but effective

November 12, 2014

Monochrome geometric prints are relatively cheap and easy to screen print but so, so effective.  These ones are for Mola Mola Records and were screen printed by hand using eco-friendly @Permatone inks.


Limited edition Shura print

November 2, 2014

Sometimes it’s better to print white on black and sometimes it’s better to print black on white.  These are black on white and feel great with the rich sheen of the inks over such a large area.  These limited edition Shura prints were designed by @Louisazerg and we love them.


Ooh, the detail

October 15, 2014

LOVE this Hamza Hand print by Wolfe Academy on light heather vests by Continental. Another great design by Wolfe Academy team Charlotte and Oly and the detail looks great against the flecks of grey. We used two coats of Supercover white ink.

white on black halftone, screen printed T-shirts

White on black halftones

September 16, 2014

Not many people opt for a white on black halftone but they’re really effective.  Birdpen always have striking designs.

h&w hauser & wirth tote bags piet oudolt garden illustration

Garden illustration tote bags

August 28, 2014

Printing some more of these lovely tote bags for Hauser & Wirth.  They were designed by Piet Oudolt for Hauser & Wirth and are for sale in their wonderful gift shop.

screen print HJEM mon papa mon hero

Mon papa mon hero

August 5, 2014

We love producing the fun and quirky screen prints for French homewares and papergoods company HJEM.  This one’s one of our favourites.


Varsity alphabet screen print

November 13, 2013

Limited edition varsity alphabet screen print by @Neusreel. Harry collects varsity jackets and every letter on this print was taken from a Letterman jacket.

buddy creative screen printed business cards

Sandwich style business cards

September 24, 2009

These business cards are printed using a sandwich effect with brown ink printed on both sides of coloured card with the text left as an unprinted cut-out.  They were cut to size after printing.  You can see the layers of ink (top and bottom) sandwiching the coloured card.  Really special design by Buddy Creative.

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