Garment/ Box Templates

Download the mockup sheet for your chosen garment here. The garments are depicted at actual size for a medium-sized T-shirt so that you can insert your artwork as is, to finalise artwork size and positioning. Use the colour swatches on the right of the mockup sheet to change the garment colour.  Please bear in mind that we would usually lower the artwork slightly for larger sizes (e.g by about 1cm for L/XL, 2cm for XXL) to achieve the same relative positioning.

The garment codes can be found under each item on the garments page

Earth Positive EP01 EP01L EP02 EP03 EP03V
EP04 EP05 EP06 EP07 EP08
EP09 EP10 EP11 EP12 EP13
EP14 EP15 EP20 EP30 EP31
EP32 EP40 EP41 EP42 EP43
EP44 EP45 EP46 EP60P EP60Z
EP61P EP61Z EP63P EP63Z EP65
EP66 EP69 EP70 EP75 EPB01
Salvage SA01 SA02 SA40 SA60 SA61
Bamboo N43 N45 N49
Tencel T40 T41
Continental Clothing N03 N03B N22 N34 N60
N80 N83 N88
Teatowels TT01
I Dress Myself