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How to use a halftone to create texture

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A half tone is a method of recreating an image with shading as a series of dots.  The screen printing method cannot be used for images with shading without the use of half tones.  This is because each screen has one colour ink on it and each part of the screen can only be open or closed (blocked), colour or no colour.  Old newspaper prints were recreated in the same way, with lots of dots (some larger and some smaller).  The eye doesn't really see the dots, unless you look closely, and the brain smooths it out to create the effect of shading.   

These tencel blend vests were screen printed with one coat of Supercover ink to help keep the detail in the half tone and it gives a really textured effect.  The design by Partimi was printed for Methlab, who are based in the Czech Republic.

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