All Over Prints (AOPs)

edge to edge printing onto bag

All Over Prints (AOPs)

AOP's (aka Edge-to-Edge prints) can be tricky to print but the results are worth it. 

Hoodie or T-shirt pockets, tote bags and pencil cases or zip bags.  All printed using eco-friendly, GOTS-certified organic, water based inks of course!

All Over Prints (AOPs) are usually achieved by printing the fabric panels first and then having the garment made up.  But custom garment construction is complicated and time-consuming and, quite rightly, costs a fair whack.  Most people who opt for this option outsource overseas and the minimum order tends to be hundreds or even thousands of items plus the delivery time can be long.

Can you screen print over seams, hems or pockets?

No.  For screen printing, the print area has to be completely flat to get a high quality print.

How do you do it then?

Digital (Direct to Garment DTG) printing is ideal for AOPs and Edge-to-Edge printing.

Can you print over pockets?

Yes, we can!  Again, using digital (Direct-to-Garment DTG) printing.

Are the DTG inks eco-friendly?

Yes!  The inks that we use for Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printing are water based, Oeko-Tex certified and GOTS-accredited organic.  They score highly on the AATCC wash test, showing that they are fully washable and durable, unlike many of the cheaper DTG set-ups.  Many people can't even tell the difference between screen printing and DTG printing.  We use sustainable organic cotton products as standard.

How much does it cost?

DTG printing is cheaper onto white garments as the process is quicker and a white underbase is not required.  It's also dependent on the number of garments in each print run.  AOPs take longer per print to set up, so cost a little more than standard DTG printing.

Price per print on white garments:

 Size of print 1 2-4 5-9 10+ 25+ 50+ 100+ 200+
< 35 x 40 cm 22.00 12.10 8.25 6.60 5.50 4.40 3.30 2.75
< 20 x 30 cm 19.80 11.00 7.70 5.50 4.40 3.85 2.75 1.95
< 8 x 8 cm 16.50 8.80 5.50 4.40 3.30 2.20 1.65 1.30

Price per print on coloured garments:

Size of print 1 2-4 5-9 10+ 25+ 50+ 100+ 200+
< 35 x 40 cm 23.00 14.30 10.45 8.25 7.70 7.15 6.00 5.70
< 20 x 30 cm 20.90 13.20 9.90 7.70 6.60 6.00 4.40 3.30
< 8 x 8 cm 18.00 11.00 7.70 6.60 4.95 4.40 3.30 1.65


For higher numbers, it's best to ask for a custom quote as the price is dependent on the amount of ink required for the design and the exact size of the print.  Email us to find out more!