I Dress Myself

Hello, we're I dress myself

All the way back in 2005, we started our printing company up from a house in Nottingham. More than a decade has passed since we first fell in love with screen printing and, today, we’re proud to produce eco-friendly, high quality shirts for fantastic artists, top galleries and brilliant bands all over the world. These days, we’re based in the beautiful West Country, where we’re lucky to work with an immensely talented team. What began as a love for the craft of printing has grown into our way of life, livelihood and lifelong passion.

Our Mission

To provide garment decoration in the most sustainable way possible, without compromising on quality.

To continually develop our processes to improve sustainability, and prove that the eco-friendly way can be better than traditional, chemically-intensive methods.

To share this knowledge and encourage others to go eco-friendly too.

Looking to the future

In 2018, we moved to larger premises and invested in efficient, high capacity screen printing equipment and "Direct-to-Garment" digital printing machines.  This Eco expansion project was partially funded by a LEADER grant, with money from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and created 3 new jobs.

We've massively developed our systems to further improve efficiency and are almost ready to launch our Eco print on demand and embroidery services.  Watch this space!